The Sleepover Story

Imagine being invited to spend the night at a haunted house. Would you go? What if you went and what you saw there changed your life? Forever. Now imagine that whatever it was you encountered decided to follow you back home…

I wish this could just be the introduction to a movie. Or a scary story. But unfortunately, my life is not fiction, although it certainly reads that way to others I’m sure.

The nightmare originated just a few short months ago when I was invited to attend a sleepover at a supposed haunted house. Granted I have always been interested in the paranormal (having been a long-time fan of such radio programs like Coast to Coast) but had never had any personal occurrences. That is, until that fateful night in October.



But I should really be saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I.’ You see, all four of us who spent the night at the home have been affected by paranormal activity…And it continues to happen. No matter how we try to deny that something is present, too much has taken place. And events have unfolded both when we’ve been together, and when we’ve been alone.

What you read in this story is 100% true – every picture, premise, and prose is absolute fact. Nothing has been fabricated, embellished, or twisted in any way to make the events more “sensational.” And that, dear readers, is what truly – truly – frightens me the most! Any piece of fiction, even if its not horror, leaves psychological distance from the truth because you know in the back of your mind that the story you’re reading has been made up. And even if it were supposedly true, there’s solace knowing the events didn’t happening to you.


Well, I wish I could say this applied for me with The Sleepover.

I will never be the same after that night. My world shifted and a door was thrust open forcing me to enter more deeply into the realm of the paranormal. I was backed into a corner and had to open my eyes to things that are “unseen.” I could no longer shrug off stories that sounded too far fetched. The Amityville Horror became too uncomfortably real to me now.

As inexplicable things continued to happen to all four of us, I knew I had to do something about this. But what can you do when ghosts are following you? I had to share my story with the world.

It began with a quick summary of the events from the slumber party. But my friends spread the story and it went viral in a matter of days and was being translated into other languages half way across the globe within a week!  And when the events didn’t stop, I summoned the courage to formally type up the story and start this blog to continually publish to the world whatever else might happen to us.


21 photos. Almost 12,000 words. Only $1.99.


The Sleepover ebook 


And here’s the video of our personal encounters with whatever it is that’s following us…with documented proof that we’re not making it up. Over 10 minutes of fright for only $2.99!


I do suggest that if you wish to read my posts about the continued hauntings to read the original story of how it all started. It will make much more sense and give the necessary backdrop…but only if you can stomach it.