4 Jan 2013


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Ghosts – those pesky, translucent beings that go bump in the night. You know the ones: their dress is a bed sheet and chains,Scary Stories and the only words they utter are ‘oooh’ and ‘boo’! So what’s so scary about that?!

Well, clearly the ghost repertoire is much more sophisticated and extensive than that pigeonhole description. And my own run-ins with ghosts (read my story for more details) has defined their abilities to be far greater than I could have ever imagined. Unfortunately.

Since the ancient Egyptians, man has been talking about both the existence and power of spirits and every culture on earth has included themselves in the discussion.

Ghosts, much like people, come in all sorts and sizes…and intentions. Some view them as harmless beings stuck in another dimension, lingering around as though they’re stuck on repeat. Other see them as malicious spirits with unfinished business. What’s your theory on their existence? Regardless of their raison d’être (or should I say in addition to?) , what is it about these baffling bogeys that cause such dread??

I would argue part of the reason is that we don’t completely know why they exist or what their full intention or powers are. The fear of the unknown is a powerful one. And it’s not as though they manifest on cue, either. We can’t always see them but can certainly feel their presence and witness the effects of them interacting with the world (think: rocking chairs).

But what do you think? Why is there such fear with these beings?! And do you have your own ghost story to tell?

3 Jan 2013


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Za verevulf, ya? Those howling noises off in the distance. Are they from a coyote? Or could it be something….else? It is a full moon tonight after all.

These menacing mutants have long pestered man for literally thousands of years. Of course they didn’t have silver bullets in Ovid’s day, but full moons still took place once a month.

I’m somewhat torn with this topic. I’ve seen some depictions that were quite successful in scaring the bejesus out of me and others that were better at gnawing on my funny bone. More importantly, what about you? What’s your favorite werewolf film? American Werewolf in London? The Wolfman? Teen Wolf? I’ve always been partial to Wolf with Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer myself.

Any werewolf novels or short stories worth mentioning?

Here’s a collection of the 10 best transformations:



3 Jan 2013

Demonic Possession

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The ExorcistOh yes, oh yes, here’s the grandaddy of them all! This is by far the scariest topic, ever, in my mind. I have never been able to think of anything more terrifying then being possessed by something else. It’s often slow and insidious, doesn’t back away, and deeply invasive – literally! And how do you get rid of it?? The more I read the more I have come to realize a priest can only successfully exorcise the demon some of the time (contrary to the  media’s rosy outcomes).

But just imagine it…having something not only foreign but of pure malice inside your body, using your vocal cords, moving your body parts, and taking control of your entire life. And to top it off, there’s next to nothing you can do about it! *shivers*

Probably not so coincidentally, this is the topic of my upcoming novel I’m currently writing. A possessed little girl…but with a twist. Has the topic been used before? Of course. Easily one of the best horror classics used this theme and did so masterfully both in the novel and subsequent film. What my novel adds is more wrinkles to the story; a variation on the theme, of sorts. And hopefully comes across as even more plausible. Think of it as The Exorcist for the 21st century.

So what are your thoughts about possession and exorcism? Is it nothing more than religious bunk? Is there truth to it? Have any particular takes on the topic that especially frighten you? 


There’s no way I could end this post with anything other than a video collage to pay tribute to one of the best novels in the entire horror genre!


3 Jan 2013


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Zombies, zombies, zombies. Wherever you turn, there they are. From Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead, from Lincoln to Nazis to bathsalt sniffing hooligans there’s no escaping them. And yet, what is it about the crazed undead that instills such fear? There are some that even truly believe zombies are real and an impending apocalypse is nothing to sniff at (no pun intended).

I’ve never really been one for the big Z and was always more amused (think: Thriller) then afraid. But maybe you can shed some light on the subject. Most of the shows I’ve seen are more intentionally corny rather than then truly trying to scare. What’s the draw? And is there a real fear that people have for them or is it more of an entertainment value – possibly akin to vampires?

Here’s a great clip from Day of the Dead about some poor dude getting ripped apart! Classic.


21 Oct 2012

“Marking” the one year anniversary

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I can’t believe it! It’s been one full year from today that our lives were forever changed. The year has been a quick one and certainly one I will be telling others about for decades to come. But the story hasn’t ended. In fact, something new happened this very day. I receive a text from Omid saying:

I woke up this morning on the one year anniversary of The Night to find a strange mark on my wall next to my bed. I have no idea what it is….and it certainly wasn’t there last night when I turned the lights off.

Not sure what to make of this….needless to say whatever It is that’s following us wants to make sure that we haven’t forgotten it’s still around. Watching us. :-/