Hello and welcome! On this site you will find two things:

1) A continual tracking of my personal encounters with the paranormal. After spending the night in a haunted house with some friends, our lives have never been the same. Whatever we experienced that evening is, well, following us….Find out more of the backstory to The Sleepover here.

2) As the name of this blog suggests, I am interested in hearing what scares people the most? I mean, what scares you the most? What are the most fear-provoking ideas you’ve ever come across, whether from others (through books, movies, etc) or productions of your own mind? What are the most terrorizing thoughts or situations that would truly frighten you to the bone?! In short, what requires you to wear brown trousersNothing is off limits, for I want to know:

Dig deep in your psyche, let your imagination run wild and post your comments. Can’t wait to read them and comment back!

Only continue if you dare…